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Frontend, Backend, QA, DevOps, Architecture, Business Analysis, UX/UI, Product Owner/Product Manager, Scrum Master.


Sales, Human Resources, Legal, CX, Staffing, International, Payroll, Marketing, PR, Legalization, Finance, Controlling, Accounting, Administration.

We grow - You grow

We are a place that provides real opportunities for growth. What does that mean? Each of our employees has the opportunity to tailor their tasks to their skills and interests. We want you to reach your full potential and be happy in your job! We bring together people from different countries, which gives the opportunity to share unique experiences and create new quality expressed in innovative projects on a global scale. We are an agile workplace where there is no time for boredom. We focus on people and cooperation, and every problem is a challenge for us. We create a team of committed people who together want to realize our vision.

The vision

We want to be the company that changes today’s labour market. We are building a migration platform with the use of advanced technologies and our Team of professionals is constantly expanding their knowledge and skills, which allows us to make further development plans. We want to be the most digitized recruitment agency in the world. We have a lot of work to do together.

Join us and change the world of cross-border migration together with us!

Our core values

Values are the basis of our functioning. Thanks to them we are one of the fastest growing companies in Poland. If you would like to work with us, check whether our values are close to yours and join us.

Meet your future colleagues

Uladzislau Sauka

Full stack developer/Product Owner «What I like about working at EWL Group is the use of the latest technology and working on multiple layers of the system. I am able to develop in different roles within the team. The best part is that I have a real impact on the whole project.»

Valeriya Demchenko

Senior Software Tester «I am responsible for releasing updates and testing in a continuous delivery model. I use my experience and learn something new every day. Together we ensure the highest quality of Synchroner.»

Michał Łukasiewicz

Developer «At EWL there is a belief that we are really building something together. Everyone has the opportunity to grow and can take on different tasks. Despite the deadlines, we feel that we have freedom in how and when to work.»

EWL authority

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EWL Offices

West Station II, 142B Jerozolimskie Avenue, 02-305 Warsaw, Poland tel: +48 22 428 27 86 We also have offices in the following cities: Wrocław, Gdańsk, Katowice, Kraków, Łódź and Poznań. Offices in other countries: Czech Republic, Romania and Ukraine.

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